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Deals with actual people in an actual geographical area during actual specified historical times who had contact with other actual peoples and empires whom we know of from historical sources outside the Bible
Recent archaeological discoveries as well as comparative historical research and philological studies, along with an analysis and interpretation of the Old Testament text.  

Read parallel Bibles online: translated with Strong's concordance & Hebrew-Greek versions. Compare translations, study bible, search cross reference verses (Highly Recommended*)

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Ante-Nicene - Writings of the Early Church Fathers

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Is the largest free online Bible Study website for verse search and in-depth studies.

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Atlas, Bibles in over 48 languages, Concordance, Dictionary, Biblical Encyclopedia, Commentary, Measures, Lexicons, People, Places, Topics, Reference Bible, Online Biblical Image Library, Etc.

Greek Quick Reference Guide

Blue Letter Bible online interactive reference library of selected pastors and teachers who hold to the conservative, historical Christian faith. Advanced Bible Search Bible Study Tools - Audio, Video, and Text-Commentaries-Audio-Sermon Downloads-Daily-Devotionals and Reading Plans-Topical Papers and Theological Notes-Spanish Language Resources- Social Networking and Applications

King James Bible with Strong's Dictionary And Hebrew and Greek Concordance and many other Biblical helps

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SAT-7: Info from the Arabic language satellite TV network found throughout the Middle East Multilingual site featuring Hadith Al-Asdika, a Christian radio program in Arabic. Their goal is to introduce people to Jesus Christ and explain how much he loves them. Directory for Arabic Christian Sermons and Songs
Arabic Bible Outreach
Maarifa Arabic pages exploring Christianity and what it has to say The Engeel: aka Sermons, hymns, the Bible, and more for online download.
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